A Romantic Honeymoon in St. Augustine

St. Augustine is one of the most romantic cities in Florida. With tons of activities and restaurants there is no shortage of things to do. When we were thinking of cities in Florida for our honeymoon, it was the first place we thought of.

Jared and I got married on January 16 and the next day we set out for St. Augustine for our little honeymoon! We wanted to go somewhere nearby that wouldn’t require too much travel and where we didn’t think it would be too crowded. St. Augustine is also super special to us. It’s where we went on our first vacation, where we go every year with his family and where he proposed!

We spent four days there staying right on the beach, exploring historic sites and eating tons of yummy food! Here are some of the highlights and must-see spots for a romantic trip to St. Augustine.

We stayed at the Guy Harvey Beach Resort, which was super nice and right on the water! The weather was cold so we didn’t spend too much time on the beach but we did enjoy some beautiful sunrise walks and some quiet time reading on the basically empty beach.

Our first night we ate at the Salt Life Food Shack. We sat on the roof with heaters and the most beautiful view, and ate some yummy nachos! We are not fancy eaters so most of the food we ate was casual.

We explored historic Downtown St. Augustine. We visited the Lightner Museum, which was stunning and full of so much interesting stuff. We also enjoyed the Nights of Lights, which we were excited was still going on. The entire downtown area was covered in lights it was gorgeous!

If you are up for it you should definitely visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum and climb to the top of the lighthouse. The climb is tough but the view is amazing! Then head over to the Conch House, which is right down the street, to eat lunch on the marina in a tiki hut!

Our favorite place we ate was Beachcombers, a small restaurant that’s right on the beach and very popular with the locals. The vibes were amazing and the fish was the best I’d ever had! We will definitely be going back.

If you’re looking to have a fun and romantic honeymoon in Florida, St. Augustine is definitely the place!

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