Visiting Margaritaville – Hollywood Beach

A few weeks ago I visited my parents and sisters in South Florida. I grew up just 20 minutes from Hollywood Beach and it always feels like home whenever I spend the day there. I took my fiancé Jared there for the first time and we spent the day walking on the boardwalk, exploring the Margaritaville Beach Resort and hanging out one of their restaurants to watch football. Here are some of my favorite photos from our visit!


The Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort


The weather was perfect! It was chilly but still super sunny. 



img_5402     img_5439

We decided to eat the Landshark Bar & Grill, an awesome sports bar that overlooked the resort’s pool!

Talk about dinner (or drinks) with a view!
We ended the day with some Spumoni ice cream. It’s strawberry and pistachio swirled together!



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