Foodie’s Top Five: Best Bites in Gainesville Under $5

Do you ever have those moments where you’re suddenly hungry, but not quite starving enough for a full meal? Or, feel like a snack but don’t want to shell out $6 for a protein bar from the gas station only to feel hungry an hour later? Same. Luckily, Gainesville has plenty of places where you can grab a small bite on a budget. From sweet treats to cheesy and salty snacks, the options are pretty endless. Here are just five of the best bites in Gainesville under $5.


Queso Blanco Arepa

Price: $3.50

From: Flaco’s Cuban Bakery

Melty queso sandwiched between two yellow cornmeal patties and grilled until those little crispy cheese nuggets start to appear on the side (we all know those are the best part.) The perfect small bite between classes or when you’re not quite ready for dinner. You can also add meats, including ham or pork, or even a fried egg, all for less than $5


Guava Pastry

Price: $1.59

From: Flaco’s Cuban Bakery

The perfect bite when you’re craving a sweet snack but don’t want anything heavy. The flakey pastry dough is stuffed with a sweet guava filling (it tastes like a strawberry and a pear combined to make the most awesome pastry filling ever.) For less than $2 you can’t beat it.


Make Your Own Mochi Pack

Price: $1.85 per mochi 

Location: TeaStori 

Mochi is a perfect shack for these hot Florida days. Mochi ice cream is a sweet rice ball that contains creamy ice cream inside. The combination of textures makes it one of the most unique desserts in the world, and you can find it right here in Gainesville. At TeaStori you can make your own pack of Mochi. They have everything from typical Japanese flavors like Green Tea and Red Bean to more Americanized flavors like Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Raspberry Crunch.


Pretzel Knots

Price: $4.50 for 3

Location: Pop­-a­-Top General Store ­ Depot Park

If you’re ever hanging out at or near Depot Park, the Pop-a-Top General Store has some great bites that are a bang for your buck. Their pretzel knots are fluffy and salty, and served with beer cheese or beer mustard. You can get the larger five-pack for $7.50 to share.


Praline Bacon

Cost: $4.50 for two slices

Location: Pop­-a-­Top General Store ­ Depot Park

The Praline Bacon from the Pop-a-Top General Store tastes like pecan pie and salty bacon had the most epic food baby ever. Their thick slices of bacon are coated with brown sugar and pecans, making it sweet, sticky, salty, crunchy and overall delicious. You’ll never want to stop eating it.

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