How To Make The Perfect Cheese Board On A Budget

When it comes to hosting girls night, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful cheese board (or charcuterie board as the fancy people call it). However, all those fancy cheeses and meats can be expensive, and you could end up spending nearly $100 on them.

So when I decided to make my own cheese board to go with a night of wine drinking and gossiping with the girls, I knew I didn’t want to break the bank. After some research and some bargain hunting, I came up with the perfect formula for making a cheese board on a budget.


I bought my cheese board and cheese knives off Amazon months ago. I immediately fell in love with this Florida-shaped board ($20) and these cheese knives paired perfectly (and they were only $8 – score!)


When I decided to build my own cheese board, I knew I had to shop at Trader Joe’s. They always have a huge selection of cheeses, and they’re not too overpriced. I found everything I needed at Trader Joe’s, with the exception of the blueberries and the rosemary, which I already had in my fridge.

Meats and Cheeses


Sliced Prosciutto – $3.99

Goat Milk Brie – $2.99

Spanish Cheese Tapas Sampler – $2.99

The cheese sampler was my best score. It had three different types of cheese for just $3!



Pita Bite Crackers – $2.49

Everything Crackers – $2.49


IMG_0882 Dried Orange Slices – $1.99

Peach Bellini Jam – $3.99

Almonds – $5.99

Total Cost – $27.92

For less than $30 you can create a beautiful cheese board yourself! Swap out your favorite crackers, fruits, spreads or anything else you can think of. It’s the same price as ordering a couple pizzas, but it’s healthier, prettier and will make you look like the perfect hostess.

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