Celebrating at The Grand Floridian

I’ve been going to Disney World for as long as I can remember, and I had never been to the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa up until two weeks ago.

I’ve always wanted to go, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my little sister’s birthday than with a delicious brunch at the Grand Floridian Café!

Plus, the Happy Floridian at the Grand Floridian; sounds like a perfect match to me!

I’ve read about and seen so many pictures of the Grand Floridian Café’s amazing breakfast spreads and I knew it would be a great place to celebrate my sister’s 22nd birthday. So, I booked a table for her, her closest friends and I for the morning of her birthday.

(Tip: Book online in advance. I booked the table about two weeks before and there were limited spots)

We got to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and it was absolutely breathtaking. The whole resort is designed perfect with that old Florida style, a little bit of Key West mixed with the luxury of old Florida.


The café was the most charming place I’ve ever seen. There were dozens of windows with beautiful views of the resort and they flooded the room with light. There were flower and beautiful details everywhere. You could tell some serious Disney magic went into this place.


Once we all got settled into our table we decided to order some drinks, because what’s brunch without a little booze?


My sister and I each got the Key West, a frozen drink made with Bacardi Rum, puréed strawberries and orange juice. It was seriously one of the best drinks I’ve ever had. It was super refreshing and had just the right amount of rum.

The Grand Floridian Café also serves a platter of biscuits with all the fixings to the tables. I had a fresh, hot biscuit with orange jam and it was the perfect bite to get the meal started.

When it came time to order, it was so hard to decide! From lobster benedict to fried chicken to vanilla-bean French toast, how was a girl supposed to choose??


I decided to go with the classic Mickey Waffle. The Grand Floridian Café also offers “enhancements” to any pancake or waffle entre. Basically they’re topping samplers and they’re spectacular! I got one with fresh strawberries, sugar cookie crumbles, whipped cream and strawberry sauce. You can also choose a topping sampler with bananas, roasted pecans, Chantilly cream and caramel sauce or one with fresh blueberries, granola, lemon curd and blueberry sauce.


After we ate my I told the waiter it was my sister’s birthday and he surprised us with a giant cupcake and a princess lollipop made of chocolate! It was so thoughtful.


After breakfast we walked around the beautiful resort and took pictures by the water. My dream is to eventually stay at the Grand Floridian, but for now I’ll have to just keep enjoying the resort as a visitor. But you can bet your money that I’ll be back again!

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